Coming soon: Online Class to cope with and prevent Burn-out

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Key topics of this class

  • What exactly is Burn-out and what are the latest insights from science and research?
  • How are stress and Burn-out related and how can I regain more control over my current situation?
  • How to identify and reduce risk factors faster?
  • What role does my mindset and assessment of my situation play?
  • How can I ensure sufficient opportunities for regeneration?
  • How can I employ mindfulness and progressive muscle relaxation techniques to prevent Burn-out?

Scientific depth



Several helpful exercises allow to find the most relevant method to deal with Burn-out and to sustainably develop resilience against stress. In 10 interactive lecture with videos, podcasts, exercises and handouts you will learn how to cope with Burn-out profoundly and pragmatically!

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This class helps you to better manage the every day challenges of job & life and to prevent and deal with Burn-out. You will learn how stress (the pre-cursor of Burn-out) develops, how to identify risk factors earlier and which techniques are most effective to deal with Burn-out.

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