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Time for the first step - let's take it together

  • Are you ready for some change in your life?
  • Are you looking for inspiration and new perspectives?
  • Do you want to find your way and employ your signature strengths?

The zentor Purpose Bootcamp!

A proven mix of live sessions and self-paced online course to find your purpose

  • 3 Bootcamp sessions in small groups with inspiring insights and proven techniques
  • In parallel: 10 interactive online chapters with in-depth content, tasks and templates
  • Custom-built exercises, which allow you to discover your purpose
  • Proven buddy system to exchange insights and jointly solve tasks

Upcoming Purpose Bootcamp dates

January ’23

  • Fr. 07.01. 16-19h CET
  • Fr. 14.01. 16-19h CET
  • Fr. 21.01. 16-19h CET

€499,- / $599

sold out
(in English)

April ’23

  • Fr. 08.04. 17-20h CET
  • Fr. 15.04. 17-20h CET
  • Fr. 22.04. 17-20h CET

€499,- / $599

sold out

June ’22

  • Fr. 03.06. 17-20h CET
  • Fr. 10.06. 17-20h CET
  • Fr. 17.06. 17-20h CET

€499,- / $599

sold out

What to expect during the Purpose Bootcamp


  • Key concepts for purpose, happiness and a fulfilling life
  • Proven exercises for signature strengths, values und impact
  • Development of your individual Purpose Statement
  • Experienced coaches and exchange with group peers

3 live sessions focusing on separate topics

- Kick-off with key approaches and definitions
- Deep dive on strengths, values and impact with guided excercises
- Transfer of insights into your everyday life

Blended learning coupled with an online course

- Two chapters weekly, and tasks in Purpose Buddy pairs
- Scientific research and practical exercises to deepen the insights
- Self-paced learning with 6 months access

  • Scientifically based on key findings from ancient philosophers to current happiness research
  • Proven in practice based on our experience with hundreds of participants while empfloying effective coaching techniques
  • Interactive with effective exercises that let you find your individual purpose
  • Effective,sustainable and evidence-based by our scientifically validated zentor Purpose Score

Free initial consultation: Still not sure, yet? Arrange a short, no-obligation meeting with our specially trained experts using the contact form (keyword ‘initial consultation’).

Risk-free booking with 100% money back: If you are not satisfied with the Purpose Bootcamp after the 1st live session, contact us (before the 2nd session) and you will get a full refund. Guaranteed!

You have questions? We have answers.

Finding Purpose is suitable for all people who are wondering in which direction to develop, who want to better understand why to get up in the morning and what to contribute to a better world – without losing their sense of humour or becoming a starry-eyed idealist.

Finding Purpose is a guided online course. All modules build upon each other in a proven structure and will guide you well through the process of the course. The course consists of insightful videos, numerous practical exercises, strategies, tips, self-reflections, questionnaires and individual coaching session (which can be booked individually or as package). Our goal is to enable you to gain truly relevant new insights about yourself. Unlike a book you read and put away at the end, the course helps you achieve lasting changes in your life through self-contained modules. We also provide references for further research. In addition to the videos in which we share current psychological research on the topics of purpose and the pursuit of happiness, we’ve compiled literature tips for you in each chapter, to immerse yourself deeper into exciting content. Through our cooperation with the Technical University Munich (and others), we ensure that our approaches, such as the zentor Purpose Score, are scientifically sound and evidence-based to increase effectiveness.

This is an extensive course with lots of new impulses and exercises to try out, thus we’d recommend to plan around one to three months for completing the course. Of course, you can as much time as you need to finish. You’ll have one full year of access to the course. To get the most out of this course, we recommend to go through each module content thoroughly and allow to let it sink in afterwards – and of course to complete the exercises and self-reflections. You decide for yourself at what speed you complete the course and how much time you want to reserve for yourself.

The value of the course with guided online coaching modules, developed by PhDs and certified coaches, is well over thousand bucks with regard to scope, quality, content, and follow-up sessions (or, as some credit card operators would claim: Priceless). But to keep the course affordable and enable to guide as many people as possible on their pursuit of happiness, we’ve opted for a significantly lower entry price. In addition, individual coaching sessions with our specially trained experts can be booked along side the course as a package or single sessions.

As we are convinced of the quality and effectiveness of our course, you have the option to cancel the course within 14 days without giving any reasons. If you choose to do so, you will get your money back. At the same time, your account will be blocked and you will lose access to all content.

Thus you can test “Find Purpose” risk free. If for some reason the course does not suit you, a simple mail is sufficient to get your money refunded.

After purchasing, you will have immediate access to the course and all of its content. Your course access will be valid for one full year.

Simply click on ‘Book course’ and complete the purchase. During check-out, you can pay by credit and debit cards, as well as with PayPal. You will then have immediate access to the course and can start right away. Most of the course is only available online (e.g. content, videos and surveys). However, you can download and print our course workbook, worksheets, and audio exercises.

No prior knowledge is required. The course is designed to systematically guide you through all modules.

No special technical requirements are needed for this course, except internet access. The course is suitable for all mobile devices, i.e. you can complete it on your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

If you are still unsure or have further questions, we look forward to receiving your message via our contact form or a short email to purpose [at] zentor.me

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