... with Despina Giannopoulou

Female founder, human potential coach, daughter, sister, friend, fun-seeker

... with Despina Giannopoulou

Female founder, human potential coach, daughter, sister, friend, fun-seeker

7 questions in 7 minutes with 7 thoughts on purpose.
Inspiring people – inspiring answers. The zentor Purpose Interview


Forever learner, extremely playful

Drive for excellence, always a can-do attitude

Glass half full, spreading joy far and wide

"Upwards and Onwards"

Peace and balance. I love keeping things simple and not making a fuss. I’m so happy with simple pleasures, simple wins, simple actions. With my type A personality im always on the go go go but have taught myself that life is always in harmony so when you push hard, you need to remember to pull back and relax as well!

  • Watching the sunset with a love one
  • Sailing across the Aegean Sea
  • Cooking for my friends
  • Travelling with my family
  • Having my fresh cup of coffee in the morning
  • Feeling my body come alive after an intense workout
  • When I feel connected with others – smiling to a passing jogger or have a deep conversation with a client
  • When I feel self-love – when I’m kind to myself and feel safe in my space
  • When I’m creating – a new piece of content for work, a meal for loved ones or just new ideas
When coaching a client, I do what comes natural to me – have an empathetic conversation. That is where I find my flow, that is where time stands still. Looking into someone’s eyes and working with them to find their strength and get what they want out of life is what ignites my flame – every time.

Nurturing! I help others see where they shine! I motivate them to rise to their beauty! I remind them of their own glory! I highlight their awesomeness! I teach them to step up and be seen. I push them to do the things that inspire them! I hold up a bright mirror so they feel the LOVE!

I am always looking for co-creators! As an extravert, I get my energy from what others bring to the table. Others make me think deeper, make me challenge my beliefs and help me grow. I love meeting people from all walks of life as they always have something to teach me.

To think about the topics that make them smile, that they never get tired researching and always want to learn more about. Find a way to take action and start a project around one of these topics and look for other like minded individuals that share the same passion.

Athens, New York, London, San Francisco!  Computer Scientist, Project Manager, Sales Director, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Human Potential Coach, Co-Founder! Family and Friends, Traveler, Cook, Counselor! Three MSc later, can’t stop learning, evolving, transforming! Spreading happiness, Hugging Trees, feeling gratitude and connecting with others!

Current Projects

  • Startup Contributor
  • Biohacker Explorer
  • Wearable Enthusiast
  • Spinning & Running Lover
  • Creating a 5 ingredient Paleo cookbook

The zentor Purpose Interview – inspiration from people that found their purpose in life and stay curious to challenge it occasionally.

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