Purpose Interview with Despina Giannopoulou

... with Despina GiannopoulouFemale founder, human potential coach, daughter, sister, friend, fun-seeker

Forward to the past

Can Diet and Lifestyle changes really reverse our biological age and allow us to ‘travel back’ to a younger version of ourselves (similar to the DeLorean automotive time machine in the movie “Back to the future”) ?For us at zentor, it is always important to combine insights from scientific…

Purpose Interview with Valentin Schellhaas

Purpose Interview with Dr. Valentin SchellhaasFounder, former business monkey, psychologist, father, friend, husband, sun worshiper

What can finding meaning and purpose bring for our wellbeing?

Our co-founder Despina Giannopoulou joined the #StayWell video podcast series of Welcome HomeIn this inspiring video Despina speaks about her personal story and her passion for bridging technology and wellbeing holistically across mind, body and soul. In particular, she gives insights about how…

zentor in 5 minutes - because we never have enough time

It's gotta be us. We suck at that 30 second "Elevator Pitch". But if you give us five minutes, we'll explain zentor. Promise!Do you know what "Accelerator" means in the startup environment? Until recently, we weren't so sure ourselves. It neither refers to that pedal in your car nor the the…