Purpose Interview with Dr. Valentin Schellhaas

Founder, former business monkey, psychologist, father, friend, husband, sun worshiper

Purpose Interview with Dr. Valentin Schellhaas

Founder, former business monkey, psychologist, father, friend, husband, sun worshiper

7 questions in 7 minutes with 7 thoughts on purpose.
Inspiring people – inspiring answer. The zentor Purpose Interview

Valentin Schellhaas
curious, a bit stubborn, let’s see what tomorrow brings

broadly interested – and easily distracted

already tried a lot – far from finished

„That should be feasible ...“

For fulfillment, for happiness, satisfaction – whatever you want to call it.

Even if we can never fully ‘arrive’, striving or searching for it is the best approach to enable positive moments in life for us. And I firmly believe that in the end we are all looking for this: beautiful moments that we can experience (preferably with others) and that we can remember, that we are proud of … and that once in a while we maybe even leave a lasting impression.

The big things and the little things. Sleeping in, brunch, an iced coffee. Finding purpose in life, being loved, being ready to burst of joy.

The greatest challenge: Becoming aware of and fully experiencing all the moments in our here & now and appreciating them. I always have to force myself to pull my attention out of the future (or past) and keep it in the present.

If our expectations are exceeded, e.g. by managing to ‘hope’ instead of ‘expect’ to much.

When we manage to be connected and in balance with ourselves and the world.

When we experience moments in which we feel our purpose, are fully immersed in an joyful activity, and are valued by others.

Kiteboarding, brunch with family & friends, music, sleeping in.

(A whil ago, I would have put basketball on that list, but my feet somehow seem to be getting older)

Distinguishing the important from the unimportant. See the big picture. Staying curious and (hopefully) not take myself too serious.

As social beings we need appreciation, love and the closeness of other people. Even if we can theoretically find purpose in isolation from others, a lonely life feels only rarely worth living.

If we can share our experiences, the ‘mathematics’ of our psyche also change: suffering is halved, happiness is doubled – especially when we can share it with the most important people, our family & friends.

Never give up, stay curious, and enjoy the ride.

The path ahead is never straight – it often leads downwards before it goes up again.

Psychologist, management consultant, doctoral student, marketing fanatic, managing director, founder … sometimes in Munich, sometimes in Barcelona, Istanbul, San Francisco, London or anywhere else. Career, friends & family, hobbies. Everywhere and nowhere.

At some point it was time to arrive and settle down. Start a family. Do something that matters and feels good. From a midlife crisis emerges zentor – the mentor for a fulfilled life. Never stop learning and finding new perspectives. Passing on something, because if we manage to bring something positive into the world, it will come back to us at some point.

Current Projects

  • Scale a Startup
  • Daugher of school age
  • Lead a good relationship
  • Don’t forget sports and hobbies
  • Sleep

The zentor Purpose Interview – inspiration from people that found their purpose in life and stay curious to challenge it occasionally.

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