Online Course Stress Management and Prevention

Certified as a German Standard for Prevention and reimburseable by public health insurance in Germany

+++ Please note: This online course is for use in Germany only. If you are looking for our English stress management course for use in other countries, please click here +++

  • Certified by the German Central Prevention Test Center (Zentrale Prüfstelle Prävention)
  • Reimburseable through German statutory health insurances
  • Certified quality and effectiveness
  • Convenient remote access (from your couch)
  • Start anytime with flexible time allocation

Key topics of this class

  • What exactly does stress mean and what is the latest scientific knowledge about it?
  • What happens during a typical stress situation and how can I influence it?
  • How to identify and reduce risk factors faster?
  • What role does my mindset and assessment of my situation play?
  • How can I ensure sufficient opportunities for regeneration?
  • How can I prevent stress?

Learn via interactive lessons how to effectivel cope with stress – from the convenience and comfort or your couch at home.

  • Scientifically sound and evidence-based principles for high effectiveness
  • Numerous exercises to find the most suitable methods for coping with stress
  • Techniques for building resilience to prevent new stress

Online course

  • 8 chapters of ca. 45 min
  • interactive video/Audio modules
  • effective exercises and tips
  • participant manual to download

Please note that this online course is only suitable for participants without mental contraindication. Therefore, can we please ask you to confirm the following:

I do not have a mental illness that requires acute treatment

A brief course preview

Simple reimbursement through your (German) health insurance in three steps:

  1. Book the course via our homepage (button above)
  2. Once you've completed the course, you will automatically receive a certificate of particaption from us. On this certificate you add your banking details and forward it to your health insurance.
  3. Within a few days, the money will will be transferred to your account from your health insurance. Most statutory health insurance providers reimbuse the full amount for the entire course (check your provider for details).

Important: You do not a prescription (Rx) and your German statutory health insurance is required by law, to reimburse expenses for certified preventative courses like ours (ususally 2x per year)!

For more information about reimbursement please see our article on this topic and about the certification process by the Central Prevention Test Center (ZPP) see this video.

This online course is aimed at adult participants, not suitable for minors with participartion at your own risk. For more information please also refer to our terms and conditions.

This course supports in coping with challenges of work and private life and to reduce your stress level. You will learn how stress develops, how to quickly recognize stress triggers and how to deploy key techniques for reducing stress.

Dauer8 chapters of ca 45min eachFormateVideo, Audio, Assignments, HandoutsKosten€100,- (reimbursable by your health insurance)

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