How do you measure happiness?

Scientific instruments to measure happiness

A surprisingly large share of scientific instruments to measure happiness are surveys with exactly one question, literally just asking about happiness. In the case of the European Social Survey (ESS), the question reads: ‘Taking all things together, how happy would you say you are?’. The simplicity is convincing and the results are likely reliable, though for a deeper understanding of the drives for happiness, a single question will not suffice.

The zentor Purpose Score

We’ve develop our own measurement based upon the principles of our Happiness Model, called the zentor® Purpose Score. It evaluates the three main sources of happiness: Purpose, engagement and appreciation, and thus allows for a deeper understanding how an individually fulfilling life is created and how it develops over time. In cooperation our partner we also continuously refine the Purpose Score.

If you’re interested in the scientific foundation of the Purpose Score, you can find a blog article (in German) on how we developed the model in the Insights section here.

Test the Purpose Score for yourself:

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