Leadership training supports OMMAX’s growth journey by coaching its managers to find their authentic leadership style and foster a positive company culture

OMMAX’s mission of ‘Building Digital Leaders’ applies to the OMMAX team and their clients alike. With deep expertise in digital business models and a data-driven approach, their services are in high demand. The kind of growth that comes with this demand makes attracting and retaining highly skilled and motivated talents an everyday challenge, and an organization almost doubling their staff within one year puts the company culture to the test. OMMAX’s culture is deeply rooted in caring about each employee individually, providing them with unique development opportunities. To achieve this, Philipp Ortlieb, Chief People Officer, and Antje Horn, Lead Consultant People & Culture, entrusted zentor with designing a training to foster a positive company culture and take the OMMAX leadership team to the next level.

Purpose-Driven Leadership

zentor’s proprietary Purpose-Driven Leadership toolkit is the perfect match to this task, as it combines insights from research on effective leadership, positive and group psychology with proven practices for managing teams. It integrates key concepts from Transformational and Authentic Leadership, Project Aristotle, and zentor’s research on purpose, thus allowing to design various evidence-based training formats. The program enables leaders to find their individual authentic leadership style by training a growth mindset, and by applying techniques based on a wide range of insights and tools across five key dimensions:

  • Self-competence
  • Psychological safety
  • Effective teamwork
  • Individual motivation
  • Goal setting and shared purpose
Select frameworks used in zentor’s Purpose-Driven Leadership training

Effective training format

To optimize for maximum impact, a hybrid training format was developed, which includes prep work, a 2-day in-person bootcamp with follow-ups, and a 10-week self-paced online course. Practical exercises, a buddy-system, learn triggers, and comprehensive workshop materials ensured effective transfer into everyday practice. Participants’ feedback was very positive throughout, indicating a substantial increase in leadership purpose understanding and integration. Antje Horn summarized: “The training was a perfect mix of insights and practical tools, enabling our leaders to hone their styles by choosing from a wide bouquet of great inspiration and hands-on advice. We look forward to rolling this out to our leadership team!”

“Our teams are at the core of our success and build the foundation of our company culture. To sustain our growth,  we need our leaders to become the best version of themselves. zentor’s excellent leadership training helps us achieve this.”

Philipp Ortlieb, Partner & CPO OMMAX

Hybrid training blending inspiration and practice

Using best practices from leadership research, coaching, and psychology, the training helps participants develop a Purpose-Driven Leadership mindset, which allows them – coupled with a deeper understanding of their authentic self and purpose – to integrate new techniques into their individual leadership style. The training’s principles of life-long learning, prototyping experiments, and peer support ensures that leaders of each level and experience can take away valuable lessons for their everyday practice.

Measurable outcomes and positive feedback

ZPS comparison pre-post training

Using zentor’s Purpose Score (ZPS), a scientifically validated tool to measure purpose experience, and comparing pre vs. post bootcamp data, the training yielded clear and measurable results: Participants experienced higher purpose (+12.5%) and particularly also purpose integration (+37.5%), which is one of the prerequisites for being an inspirational leader.

Also the participants verbal feedback after the training confirmed the positive outcome, which included statements such as:

“… very inspirational – lots of great insights!”

“… I learned a lot, and it also was a great team-bonding experience.”

“… practical and very helpful, with a good mix of big-picture insights and in-depth focus.”

“… research insights were well integrated to help us put them to action.”

“… great combination of theory and practice – with the online course as perfect start into the program!”

“… feels like we went on a journey and came full circle to clarify how to improve my leader-ship skills.”


OMMAX specializes in transaction advisory, strategy, and end-to-end execution of digital initiatives.  With the overall mission of building the digital leaders of tomorrow, OMMAX’s objective is driving innovation and accelerating digital growth and profitability. 

About zentor

zentor provides digital and hybrid learning for professional and personal development – serving as a mentor for the pursuit of happiness and mental health. We combine research with proven practices to achieve our mission: To enable everyone to live a fulfilling life and embrace change for a positive society.