It’s gotta be us. We suck at that 30 second “Elevator Pitch”. But if you give us five minutes, we’ll explain zentor. Promise!

Do you know what “Accelerator” means in the startup environment? Until recently, we weren’t so sure ourselves. It neither refers to that pedal in your car nor the the particle thing at CERN. But both actually, aren’t that far off…

An Accelerator is a special program, run by an institute or a company, to ‘accelerate’ startups. That includes providing content and access to a network of partners as well as supporting to sharpen the startup’s offer and make it successful faster. zentor was one of ten startups that got accepted to the W1 Forward Accelerator programme of the Insurtech Hub Munich. Next to an amazing network into the insurance industry, we received lots of great input to our ‘pitch’, i.e. our short presentation about zentor. At DemoDay I was allowed on stage to hold that pitch in front of an invite-only audience — and the presentation was recorded.

You would like to know what motivates us and what we plan to achieve with zentor? This video clip summarizes it in five minutes — with a very kind intro by Tina, who btw. is revolutionizing mentoring with her startup Mentessa. Rolling, and action!