We have developed an custom chatbot based on ChatGPT, equipped it with key insights from our leadership training and fine-tuned it with our experience as leadership trainers and coaches. You’re welcome…

We present virtual zentor – powered by ChatGPT, customized by zentor.
virtual zentor speaks German and English and answers you automatically in the language in which you ask the question.

Why would we do that, you might ask?

While LLMs are currently ‘the thing’ everyone focuses on, we actually see a virtual leadership coach as more than just as a technological gimmick in seach of a problem. In leadership, we see it as a very valuable addition to group training and real human interaction. Because leadership is life-long learning to find one own’s effective and authentic style, which requires continous trial-and-error. Not just to solve the challenges you might be facing currently, but especially because your role and your identity as a leader will continue to evolve and will require you to develop along with it.

To facilitate this live-long learning, I am a huge fan of what we call ‘leadership experiments’ – to try out certain behaviors, tools and tests with the specific aim to learn something about yourself as a leader, your team, the work, etc. Aiming to learn is significally different than aiming to improve. Of course, we eventually want to improve, but by directly attempting to improve we (sometimes subconciously) prevent ourselves from stepping outside our comfort zone at the fear of failure or a less than-optimal-outcome. To learn, however, allows us to take bigger risks and make mistakes. You only learn to walk by falling down.

To come up with good ideas for leadership experiments requires thought, creativity and, ideally, some experience from other leaders what might work. Of course the best inspiration for leadership ideas are live group trainings and real human interactino with experienced leadership coaches – but they come at a price in terms of time and money

Here’s where are virtual coach comes in handy, given LLMs not only draw upon a vast amount of general knowledge as solid basis for ideas, but can more importantly be specifically trained (or given context) to incorporate the latest insights from leadership research and practice – which we have done with virtual zentor.

But enough of my introductory words, here’s how virtual zentor introduces itself:

Hello world.

Hello! I am virtual zentor, your leadership coach designed to accompany you on your journey to develop your authentic leadership style. My expertise is based on the principles of Purpose-Driven Leadership, which aims to facilitate both your personal development and that of your team. Whether you lead a small team or a large organization, I offer tailored coaching that adapts to your individual strengths, challenges, and goals.

In this digital age, where leadership is more than just management, and where every decision can affect your team’s psychological safety and productivity, as a virtual coach, I offer you support tailored to your specific strengths, challenges, and goals. Let’s develop a series of leadership experiments together that aim to refine your leadership style through hands-on experience and actionable feedback.

I invite you to work with me interactively. Together, we will explore new perspectives in leadership behavior and develop strategies that will not only improve your leadership skills, but also positively impact your team’s well-being and productivity. Are you ready to embark on a leadership journey that aligns with both your values and your vision for a motivated and engaged team? Let us lead together with authenticity and determination. Let’s start this exciting journey!

Want to give it a try?

The extensively customized version of virtual zentor is only available as part of our leadership trainings, but we have also created a public version for those of you who have a ChatGPT Plus account (openAI’s requirement, not ours):



Please note that obviously virtual zentor is not a real human being, has its limitations and may make mistakes (like all LLMs), so please take its advice with a grain of salt!

Plus, as we’re always aiming to improve our tools, we’d love your feedback!