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Our zentor Insight Webinars deliver a well-tempered mix of learning and exchange. Wir share interesting insights from happiness research and mix these with proven real-life techniques and experience sharing. All about the topics happiness, fulfilling life and purpose. Free or charge and open for all, who’d like to participate. Why we do this? Becaus this our our purpose at zentor: Provide people with inspiration and proven techniques for an evidence-based pursuit of happiness. We look forward to seeing you!

Our next session will be in English and carries the title: 5 Stress Hacks for a Better Life.

Missed the webinar? Lucky you – here’s a recording

Stressed out during home office and lockdown? Well, then we might just have the perfect antidote. How about a free webinar hosted by zentor about 5 stress hacks for a better life? Get to know key insights from stress research and learn the best tips & tricks how to better cope with your everyday challenges. Hands-on, based on sound scientific insights, and with tried and tested approaches.

To join please use this Zoom link:





Wednesday, 10.03.2021

18:30 – 19:30 CET

5 Stress Hacks for a Better Life

Zoom Video Conference Link

We look forward to seeing you!

Information about registration and format

Please use the above link to direclty join the webinar, which will be hosted as a Zoom video conference. You can access the webinar usually starting from 5 minutes prior to the actual session.

Please select the option ‘join with (computer) audio’ as you log on to the webinar and ideally also ‘join with camera’ as this allows for a better exchange and discussion with others. If you like, you can add your name in your Zoom user profile, which will be visible to all participants in the webinar.

Informationen on the agenda

Usually, we will spend ca. 30 minutes sharing insights and new perspectives, or maybe even conduct a short practical exercise. Subsequently, we’ll use the remaining 15 minutes for exchange and questions among participants. Participation is free of charge. The webinars will be in English or German – according to their individual titles.

Online Course Stress

If you’re interested in the Stress Management online course, which was mentioned during the Webinar and is reimbursable by public health insurance in Germany – you can find out more via this button: