In collaboration with the Technical University of Munich, we had our online course “Successfully Manage Stress and Build Resilience” tested for effectiveness – with a clear result…

As part of a half-year study project, we worked with the Technical University of Munich to investigate whether our online course can actually improve stress management and reduce stress levels. In addition, we were interested in whether the course could even lay the foundation for a more fulfilling life. The unambiguousness of the results surprised even us – and led, among other things, to our course being certified for further years by the German ZPP (Central Prevention Approval board) as a preventive measure – which means it is reimburseable by statutory health insurers.

You can find the link to the entire study here: Online Course Stress Study

The exeuctive summary of the study

Dealing with stress is an increasingly important issue in today’s society. Studies show that stress levels increase sharply over the years, regardless of gender, age or educational groups. Therefore, it is important to identify the causes of stress, optimize stress management and generate long-term resilience. An ever-increasing range of online courses already exists for this purpose. This paper therefore deals with the evaluation of such an online course for dealing with stress. For this purpose, a sample of 48 course participants and 52 participants in a control group was studied. Using MANOVAS and paired T- tests of independent samples, significant differences were demonstrated in course participants’ stress levels, stress management, and resilience. Finally, a correlation between experienced stress and happiness was further demonstrated. Thus, the overall effectiveness of the online stress management course was demonstrated.

The Online Course

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