4. Munich Happiness Research Meetup

We are delighted to invite you to our 4. Happiness Research Meetup with the topic "Making Real Connections"!

When: Wednesday, 12. February 2020 at 18:00h
Where: Werk 1, Atelierstr. 29, 81671 Munich (Werksviertel - near Ostbahnhof)


One of the main sources for a fulfilling life for us as "social animals" is appreciation. For which we are dependent on (our relationship) with others. In our globally connected and technology enabled world it has never been as easy to "connect" as it is today. As a consequence of this convenience, however, we risk substituting the value of few real relationships with the scale of many digital connections. Thus, we might be as simultaneously as connected and disconnected as never before.

In this Meetup we assess what defines a "real connection" and how we can best find these in today's world.

Expect an evening with inspiring speeches, some science, an interactive workshop and the chance to make real connections.

We look forward to meeting you there in person!

4. Happiness Research Meetup

3. Munich Happiness Research Meetup

After a loooong period of waiting we finally managed to schedule it: The 3. Happiness Research Meetup will take place under the topic "Happiness vs. Burn-out"!

When: Thursday, 04.12. at 6:00 pm
Where: In LV 1871's offices at Maximiliansplatz 5, 80333 Munich (near Stachus)


We all want happiness in our lives – but pursuing it is hard, and costs time & effort. Meanwhile, we are also facing accelerating challenges in our busy daily schedules – from the roles we assume, the job we want, the people we like, the society with live in, and the environment we unwillingly destroy.

So how do we manage to find happiness without “burning out” first? We’ll explore how these two are linked and share insights what we can do to stay sane on our purpose of happiness.

Expect an exciting evening with inspirational keynotes, some science, an interactive mini-workshop, and of course great networking with happy people.

We look forward to meeting you there in person!

Keynote: A scientific pursuit of happiness

zentor was a partner at the Startup Safari 2019 in Munich and gave the opening keynote to the Safari job fair at Werk 1 in Munich

Scientific approaches for a pursuit of happiness are dear to our hearts — and the basis for zentor's purpose platform. Thus, naturally, we enjoy holding a presentation on this topic. Especially if the audience plays along and even enjoys a few slightly provocative questions...

Here's a recoding of the opening keynote from 25.10.2019:

zentor founder Dr. Valentin Schellhaas holding the opening keynote

Munich Happiness Research Meetup

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